Pest Potion reed diffuser


115ml bottle

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We are delighted to welcome a new arrival to the Pest Potion family – the 100% naturally fragranced room diffuser, just in time for summer.

We’ve taken our much loved recipe which is highly effective for stopping the winged teeth and stingers from using both humans and pets as a free buffet and given it the Herbal Health twist…

The room diffuser is super effective for keeping an area clear of wasps, mozzys, midges and flies – even spiders scuttle off in the opposite direction!
The diffuser uses a heady blend of isolate CBD fused with the most wonderful essential oils and are a simple way to diffuse a beautiful, natural scent throughout your home. This powerful brew will confuse and deter all pests meaning a stress free summer inside the home whilst purifying the air.

The bottle is just so sleek, the frosted shatter proof glass will look fabulous wherever you choose to place it so it can be displayed with pride.


MCT Coconut Oil; CBD isolate; Citronella; Frankincense; Rosemary; Lemon eucalyptus; Lavender; Rose geranium; Vitamin E; Neem Oil

Cruelty Free
100% natural
Made in the UK

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Risks / Warnings

Please ensure you check the product ingredients carefully and do not use if you have any allergies to the ingredients listed.

Whilst all of our products are lick safe they should not be ingested or used internally and please keep out of reach of children and inquisitive pets.

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