Ben is a champion. His Mum keeps him in tip top condition with a combination of Soothe, Relax and Pest Potion and is delighted with the results. The balms are easily applied, only a little smear is needed but they are super effective.  

Ben doesn’t like wearing a fly hood and Pest Potion does the job instead keeping the most persistent flies away from his face. Biting insects really hate Pest Potion, as do wasps so Ben’s Mum massages it into her neck and hands too before they head out.Soothe is fabulous for any scratches or sores and stops mud rash in its tracks, promoting fast hair re-growth as well as taking away the itch and associated pain.

One of the little ponies had ringworm and everyone was amazed at how quickly it cleared up-Soothe to the rescue again!

Best of all though is that all the balms are lick safe and can be used on pets and their people for everything from cuts, grazes, bites and all rashes-the accelerated healing properties promote faster recovery which every horse owner wants.

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